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The Best IR Blog Posts of 2013

Posted on January 29th, 2014. Posted by

2013 was an incredible year for the United States initial public offering (IPO) market — the best since 2000. Of the 222 companies that went public, a record 55 companies (or 24.7 percent) were from healthcare, which experienced more IPOs than any other sector. Will healthcare break the 55 IPOs record in 2014? Time will tell.

To help you prepare for and take advantage of the robust opportunities in in the healthcare sector, we reflect on our most widely read blog posts from 2013, and highlight one of our latest posts focused on creating your 2014 Investor Relations plan.

How To Create a Solid Investor Relations Plan in 2014

How do you balance your investor relations (IR) activities with the other demands on your time as a management team? How can you best align your IR efforts with your overall corporate strategy and messaging? Here, we list several tips to help ensure that the strategic IR plan you create at the beginning of this year will deliver the desired results.


Test Your Reg FD Knowledge and Compliance

While in its 13th year of implementation, Regulation FD remains a source of consternation for executives and investor relations teams communicating with investors. Some companies err on the side of excessive caution. Other companies go the other extreme and provide copious amounts of detail while filing an abundance of 8Ks. Finding the appropriate balance is the best strategy. Here, we offer a brief description of Reg FD and a simple test to help you determine your level of compliance with the regulation.


Four Keys for Test-the-Waters Meetings 

In May of this past year, we held our first Wall Street Revealed webinar, with special guests Grant Miller of Cowen and Company and Matthew Perry of BVF Partners, L.P. While we covered a host of topics related to the webinar’s theme, “A View of the Current Healthcare IPO Market,“ one of the meatiest parts of the discussion (and a topic that drew many questions from participants) was on the definition, value and purpose of test-the-water meetings. Here, we give you four key takeaways from this well- attended presentation.


Top 10 Things Bankers Don’t Tell You About the IPO Road Show 

Our monthly top 10 lists are among our most popular blog posts. This one reveals 10 things you need to know (but may not) about the IPO road show, and it topped our list as the most widely read in 2013.

  1. You’re always on stage.
  2. Let the person on the other side of the table get the question out.
  3. It’s OK to not know the answer.
  4. Road show comments will be referenced in future meetings.
  5. Take the high road when discussing your competitors.
  6. Don’t get discouraged if they have no idea what you do.
  7. Don’t comment on valuation.
  8. Don’t get discouraged if good meetings don’t translate into an order.
  9. Quality comes in many forms.
  10. When it comes to pricing the deal, you have a say.


You’re Not Getting Older, The Street is Getting Younger  

The digital revolution has permeated every facet of life: from how we get our news and stay in touch with family to how we do business each day. While the “greatest generation” saw widespread adoption of telephones and television sets, and “baby boomers” grew up with increased access to information, the millennials have entered adulthood amid a dramatic shift. This has had profound effects on how business is done and on the way companies handle IR. Here’s why this is a good thing.


We’ve enjoyed sharing this information with you in what we consider an incredibly dynamic, exciting field — and we will continue to do so as we move through 2014. All eyes are on the market and predicting another strong year in the healthcare sector, or as Standard & Poors calls it, “The Emerging New Frontier.” If you’re not already on our lists, sign up for Westwicke Wisdom (our newsletter) and subscribe to our blog. Better yet, contact Tom McDonald for a one-on-one discussion of your needs and situation.

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