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Westicke Partners


Investor Relations

ICR Westwicke works with public and private healthcare companies to help position their story properly within the investment community and to develop value-added strategies to build a quality, long-term shareholder base and enhance equity market value.

Investor Relations Strategy & Execution

The extensive Wall Street background of our senior partners allows us to help our clients design and execute the optimal investor relations program. We work with our clients on the following key activities:

Corporate Message and Positioning

Your corporate message must be clear, concise and compelling. In a crowded capital markets environment, institutional investors reward management teams that effectively communicate their key messages and investor themes.

Investor Presentation Review

Input from many stakeholders often leads to an investor presentation that does not clearly reflect your current business and growth opportunities. We work with you to ensure that your investor presentation articulates your key investment highlights and evolves with the business.

Sell-Side Strategy

Managing your existing sell-side relationships and attracting incremental research coverage is crucial. The sell-side segment of the industry has gone through extensive changes that have led to significant turnover in senior analysts. We leverage our relationships to help our clients attract incremental research coverage. Additionally, we target the correct conferences to attend and prioritize one-on-one meetings to significantly improve management’s productivity at these events.

Buy-Side Targeting

With so many institutional accounts in each region, marketing days have become overwhelming and less impactful. Targeting investors with genuine interest and a history of long-term ownership is crucial. Our experience has proven that the quality of meetings is far more important than the quantity. We actively manage the non-deal road show process to enhance the overall quality of marketing days and produce the best outcomes.

Earnings Call Preparation & Management

As former research analysts and portfolio managers, we are uniquely qualified to assist in the preparation of press releases and earnings call scripts. Our perspective allows us to work with you to develop an impactful script, anticipate likely questions, and effectively prepare for the question-and-answer session.

Ongoing Execution

Effective execution of a well developed IR strategy produces tangible results. Our senior professionals work hand-in-hand with a limited number of clients to ensure that together we achieve your goals.

Have News to Release?

Find out whether you should file a Form 8-K, issue a press release, or do both by using our easy-to-reference chart, “Form 8K vs. Press Release: What’s the Difference?

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