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Capital Markets Advisory

ICR Westwicke has extensive real-life experience as well as a wide breadth of knowledge in virtually every aspect of the equity capital markets.

Capital Markets Advisory

ICR Westwicke’s partners have provided unbiased and independent advice to our clients to help them achieve their corporate objectives.

Public companies today are faced with numerous financing opportunities and challenges. Innovations in financing structures and execution strategies have increased the number of options for raising equity capital. In addition to fully-marketed follow-ons and convertible transactions, PIPEs, registered direct transactions, bought deals, and overnight transactions have all become commonplace. While this range of options can be advantageous to companies, selecting the appropriate type of transaction and ensuring quality execution has become even more important.

Additionally, ensuring that your investor base understands your strategic direction is critical in the context of an acquisition or licensing transaction. Clearly communicating the rationale behind the transaction and its financial impact is crucial to ensure that your investors appropriately value the deal.

ICR Westwicke works with our clients to provide completely independent advice as they consider capital markets issues. We utilize our 200+ years of collective Wall Street experience to provide an unbiased perspective on various topics, including:

  • Capital Raising Strategies
  • M&A Communication and Advisory
  • Shelf Registration Advice
  • Stock Buy-Back Strategies
  • Insider Sale Transactions
  • Guidance Policies and Metrics
  • Shareholder Transition Strategies
  • Activist Shareholder Strategies

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