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How do you stand out from the corporate crowd in today's competitive financial world? You manage your company's narrative. Learn how it's done. Join Tom Ryan, Co-Founder & CEO of ICR for the podcast series, "Welcome to the Arena." Hear candid conversations with CEOs, CFOs, and others who influence the fate of public or soon-to-be-public companies.

Featured Podcasts:

Episode 1: Nicole Miller Regan

There are no higher stakes than being a public or soon-to-be-public company. ICR Co-Founder and CEO, Tom Ryan, kicks off new podcast “Welcome to the Arena” with Piper Sandler’s Senior Research Analyst, Nicole Miller Regan. The pair discusses Regan’s hospitality stock picks and her time on the sell-side. Listen to the Podcast

Episode 2: Laird BiegerEpisode 2 Welcome to the Arena

In the second episode of Welcome to the Arena, ICR Co-Founder and CEO, Tom Ryan, sits down with Laird Bieger (Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Baron Capital Group) to discuss buy-side positioning and everything it takes for a company to attract capital. Listen to the Podcast

Welcome to the Arena Don DuffyEpisode 3: Don Duffy

Episode 3 of Welcome to the Arena features ICR President, Don Duffy. Tune in as he dives into a conversation with ICR Co Founder and CEO, Tom Ryan, surrounding the complexities of SPACs, their historical impact, and the role they have had in the recent market. Listen to the Podcast

Episode 4 Bob McCooeyEpisode 4: Bob McCooey

As Senior Vice President of Nasdaq, Bob McCooey has encountered every side of the marketplace. Get an inside look at the logistics of securities exchanges and foreign markets as he joins Tom Ryan for Episode 4 of Welcome to the Arena. Listen to the Podcast

Episode 5 Rob Sharp

Episode 5: Rob Sharp

Tune in to Episode 5 of Welcome to the Arena to hear Tom Ryan’s insightful conversation with Co-CEO of Ramy Brook, Rob Sharp. The pair discusses relationships between private equity professionals and management in addition to everything that they can learn from one another. Listen to the Podcast

Welcome to the Arena Episode 6Episode 6: Harold Edwards

“When you decide to make your business a partnership with mother nature, you have to be prepared for her cruelty.” Episode 6 features Limoneira CEO Harold Edwards. He joins Tom Ryan to discuss the complexities of agribusiness, the marketing structures that have worked for his company, and more. Listen to the Podcast

Welcome to the Arena Episode 7Episode 7: Miguel Martin

Join Tom Ryan and Aurora Cannabis CEO Miguel Martin for a glimpse into what actually goes on inside the dynamic cannabis industry. Conversation topics include the intricacies of recreational and medicinal usage, as well as taxation, legalization, and decriminalization. Listen to the Podcast

Episode 8

Episode 8: Russ Wheeler

It takes more than just a grill to make an outdoor kitchen a reality. In this episode of Welcome to the Arena, Russ Wheeler, CEO of BBQGuys, sits down with Tom Ryan for a conversation about the modern grill game and their like-minded community of barbecue-lovers. Listen to the Podcast

Welcome to the Arena Episode 9Episode 9: Eric Yunag

How could your company benefit if all of your technological efforts were connected? What will the next technological revolution look like? Eric Yunag, VP of Technology & Innovation at Convergint, joins Tom Ryan to answer this question and more in Episode 9 of Welcome to the Arena. Listen to the Podcast

Welcome to the Arena: Episode 10

Episode 10: Syed Raj Imteaz

Syed Raj Imteaz has seen it all when it comes to convertible securities, now serving as the Head of Convertible and Equity Derivatives Advisory at ICR Capital. He even once saved a company a cool $20 million. Check out his conversation with Tom Ryan for everything call spreads, capitol allocation, and more. Listen to the Podcast

Welcome to the Arena: Episode 11

Episode 11: Katherine Fogertey

Shake Shack isn’t content to sit back – they’re leading the charge when it comes to fast food innovation. CFO Katherine Fogertey gives us a closer look at her team’s vision to expand beyond the ordinary in the restaurant industry through personalized experiences and enlightened hospitality. Listen to the Podcast


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