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Westicke Partners


Crisis Communications

ICR Westwicke has extensive experience in crisis management within the healthcare sector, including adverse clinical developments and regulatory events, product recalls, data breaches, public health watchdog criticism, litigation, shareholder activism, short-seller attacks and much more. We can help you prepare for and mitigate potential damage before it does lasting damage to your business and brand.

Crisis Plan Development

A comprehensive reviews of past crisis situations, as well as similar peer/industry incidents to identify all current and potential issues that could negatively impact a company’s viability or reputation. We then create scenario plans for each category, capturing implications, severity, affected stakeholders, as well as recommended responses and communications materials to be created in advance of a crisis event. Finally, we work closely with key executives to gather essential information on a company’s internal processes, procedures and reporting lines, as well as its existing communications resources, in order to develop a comprehensive written crisis response plan. The plan incorporates existing corporate content as well as customized checklists, policies, communications templates and other resources that enable rapid, effective crisis response.

Crisis Spokesperson Media Training

We provide half-day crisis media training sessions that simulate actual crisis response scenarios, including on-camera and simulated print interviews, with review and feedback, to improve media interview skills. This training is frequently conducted once a year for companies.

Crisis Simulation Exercises

We develop scenario-specific training exercises for companies, where a relevant crisis event is simulated, and a company’s crisis response procedures are tested in a real-life timeframe, with follow-up review and recommendations for improvement.

Crisis Response

We provide comprehensive support in response to a negative event including developing, communications strategy, managing media relations, developing all stakeholder communications, coaching and preparing spokespeople, monitoring traditional and social media and overall management of response campaign, including on-site support.

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