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Matt Linberg

Matt has more than ten years of experience leading communications programs for businesses with a focus on technology, internet, advertising and marketing, and mobile businesses. From large cap public companies to start-ups, he directs the development of messaging platforms, thought leadership positioning, media relations programs and more. He has guided dozens of companies through the IPO process, crafting media and employee communications programs that support companies’ entrance to the capital markets.

Direct Listings: A Communicator’s Guide

Posted on November 11th, 2020. Posted by

Direct Listings: A Communicator’s Guide

After a long period of market uncertainty driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, the second half of 2020 saw market conditions improve for IPOs with a recent flurry of tech companies making their debut. With increased demand to access the public markets, a strong pipeline of companies set to come to market is shaping up quickly for all of 2021.

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