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What You Missed in 2021: Our Most-Read Posts

Posted on February 4th, 2022. Posted by

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The last year has been challenging for businesses — from global pandemic, economic uncertainty and supply chain disruptions to labor shortages and growing concern over inflation — but there was also robust activity in the financial markets, and in healthcare specifically. See what you missed in 2021 with our most-read posts of the year.

How to Write Your Annual Letter to Shareholders

Warren Buffet makes the news each year for his letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. This annual letter is a critical part of overall communication with investors. In this post, we share our top tips to reference as you prepare to release your own.

6 Commonly Asked Questions (and Answers) About Quiet Periods

Management teams often struggle to figure out what quiet periods mean for their investor relations efforts. What’s the right approach for informal periods at the end of each quarter? We answered your most commonly asked questions here.

Form 8-K or Press Release: Know the Difference When You Disclose the News

When it’s time to disclose news to investors, do you need to file a Form 8-K, a press release, or both? There are a number of issues to consider. In this piece, we explore how to determine the most appropriate vehicle for disseminating your company’s news and share specific scenarios from our experiences in the field.

Keys to Successful Disclosure of Clinical Trial Data and Milestones

For publicly traded companies, clinical trial data and milestone disclosure can present great opportunities and significant challenges. Healthcare companies should follow these guidelines to minimize risk and maximize the positive impact of good news.

Top 10 Investor Relations Best Practices

Properly positioning your story within the investment community can help you build a quality, long-term shareholder base and enhance equity market value. Check out this post for a list of best practices to engage in when it comes to your investor relations strategy.

What’s next for 2022? Check out this year’s predictions for healthcare trends from our experts.

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Have News to Release?

Find out whether you should file a Form 8-K, issue a press release, or do both by using our easy-to-reference chart, “Form 8K vs. Press Release: What’s the Difference?

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