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Our Most-Read Investor Relations Posts of 2020

Posted on February 23rd, 2021. Posted by

Top 2020 Westwicke Content

No one would argue that 2020 was unique and challenging for almost every industry, including healthcare. The year forced both public and private companies to reconsider many aspects of how they do business and communicate with the investment community. As we all adapted and learned, our Westwicke blog covered a variety of investor relations topics, both pandemic related and not. Below are some of the most popular blog posts we published this year.

6 Commonly Asked Questions (And Answers) About Quiet Periods
By: Tom McDonald

As a public healthcare company, the right approach for informal quiet periods at the end of each quarter is often a question. Should you halt all communications with the investment community? Move forward, but with limited interaction? We answer your commonly asked questions about quiet periods here. Read more.

The Importance of Patient Advocacy in Drug Development
By: Terri Clevenger

In drug development, patients should be full partners. It can be easy in healthcare, especially in challenging and uncharted situations as we’ve experienced in 2020, to lose sight of this. We share why patient advocacy should be a priority, what success looks like, and more. Read more.

Should You Proceed With IPO Planning Regardless of Market Conditions?
By: Sameer Khambadkone and Marisa Frackman

The coronavirus pandemic created a volatile market. If you are planning an IPO, should you continue? What additional considerations are necessary given the unique business climate? Our experts weigh in on what to consider in your planning, timing, and decision-making. Read more.

Top 10 Investor Relations Best Practices
By: Bob East

Properly positioning your story within the investment community can help you build a quality, long-term shareholder base and enhance equity market value. Get 10 key tips for understanding how to best interact with investors, stay visible, and adapt to deliver both good news and bad. Read more.

Do’s and Don’ts for Providing Guidance
By: Tom McDonald

Guidance is a key component of any investor relations program. While some companies withdrew or never introduced formal guidance in the spring of 2020, many are now considering how to move forward with formal guidance for 2021. Our best practices checklist will make sure you have key areas covered when you do decide to provide formal guidance. Read more.

How to Make the Most of Virtual Non-Deal Roadshows
By: Patti Bank

Pre-COVID, regular practice was to get out on the road right after you report earnings to tell your story. But, like so many other areas of business, the non-deal roadshow had to change this year. Learn how to get the most out of your virtual non-deal roadshow. Read more.

As we are not yet out of the woods and are still facing business challenges of many types, we hope that these “must-reads” will help you plan for the year ahead. Whether you’re still private or already public, feel free to reach out for a conversation about how to broaden your investor base, communicate with your investors more effectively, or develop an effective IR strategy.

Tom McDonald

Tom McDonald is a Partner/Managing Director and Head of Business Development. He is responsible for marketing the firm’s capabilities to potential new clients as well as the institutional investment community.

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