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Investor and Analyst Briefing: Alternative to Typical Analyst Day

Posted on January 27th, 2016. Posted by

Recently we assisted a client that was announcing an important corporate update (in this case clinical data) and vital context regarding future events. We decided the material was significant enough to warrant being presented in person, so that ruled out the option of just hosting a conference call.

The next decision was how to proceed. Many companies host Analyst Days, a half- or full-day presentation space in New York (typically). While Analyst Days are great, we had developed three key message points with the company, and these were crucial. Our definition of success was that these messages be clear, concise and delivered with impact. We worried that these messages might de diluted in a half day presentation.

Because of these factors, we decided to host an Investor and Analyst Briefing. The presentation was scheduled for only two hours (including Q&A) in New York. We started the event at 7 a.m., and with the two-hour timeframe, we were able to get participants back to their desks in time for the market open, an important consideration given the volatile markets.

We invited the company’s covering and targeted sell-side analysts and top and targeted shareholders. For RegFD, and also for participants outside of New York, we also webcasted the event, including presented slides. We were extremely pleased with the participation both in person and on the web, demonstrating, in our opinion, the value Wall Street places on a focused briefing.

Also, during some Analyst Days, we see participants coming late or leaving early, likely due to their busy schedules and inability to devote that much time to one event. During the briefing, overwhelmingly, our participants were present for the entire event.

We kept the presentation compact and to the point, starting with a brief introduction and then slides to address the key messaging. Presenters included guest speakers from outside the company to provide validation – a practice Westwicke recommends when possible. Given the tight presentation, even the Q&A remained focused on our key messaging. Slides were posted to the website immediately after the event as well, given frequent requests for them.

Overall, management found the briefing to be incredibly successful. The company received great feedback from both investors and analysts. The analysts seized on the key messaging and did a wonderful job of including the messaging in research reports about the event. While there was some investment of money and time required (hotel space, rooms, AV, webcasting, preparation, etc.), we believe the company was thrilled with apparent return on investment.

Westwicke commonly assists companies with key activities, including messaging and assisting with financial events, like an Analyst Day or a briefing. If we could be of assistance, just let us know.

John Woolford

John Woolford is a Managing Director on Westwicke's life sciences team. He has extensive experience in investor relations, as well as IPOs, capital raises, M&A, and other business development activities. He has a BS in microbiology from the University of Maryland at College Park and an MBA from the R.H. Smith School of Business.

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