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Top 10 IR Buzzwords

Posted on November 18th, 2013. Posted by

When attempting to articulate the exciting things happening within a business, management teams often rely on buzzwords and catch phrases to grab investors’ attention and paint a picture of the story they’re trying to tell. The problem, however, is that relying on clichés to bulk up your remarks often has the opposite effect. Having listened to thousands of conference calls, investors have heard it all before and view those hackneyed words and phrases as verbal fluff. Listed below are ten incredibly overused buzzwords that may sound exciting to you at first, but when used with investors, will fall on deaf ears.

1.    Innovative

2.    Transformational

3.    Synergies

4.    Short-term blip

5.    Strategic framework

6.    Win-win

7.    Enhance shareholder value

8.    Propriety

9.    Mission critical

10.  Streamline

The list goes on, and we’re sure you can think of a few doozies you’ve heard (or maybe used) yourself. While we understand buzzwords permeate business and are tough to avoid, Westwicke suggests that a better approach is to be as specific as possible and to articulate your story with precise details and straightforward facts. Your audience will appreciate your clarity and specificity, and your story will stand out in the minds of investors.

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Bob East

Bob East co-founded Westwicke is 2006. Since then, Bob has managed the firm’s strategic direction and led Westwicke's healthcare services and HCIT practice. He has worked with companies representing all aspects of the healthcare services spectrum. Bob received a BA in finance from Loyola College in Baltimore.

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