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A Roadmap for a Successful IPO

A private high-growth, healthcare IT company preparing for an IPO wanted guidance and advice throughout the IPO process. Even though the CEO had public company experience, the level of scrutiny has increased since he last engaged with the public market ten years ago. Beyond the CEO, the management team did not have experience as a public company senior manager.

ICR Westwicke’s Role

ICR Westwicke was hired to guide the management team through the IPO process and act as a sounding board against the various advisors hired to execute the IPO.

  • Indentified the leading research analysts covering the healthcare IT industry
  • Evaluated banking pitch books and provided feedback to management regarding each firm’s capabilities
  • Created material and a schedule for the organizational meeting
  • Created the draft outline for the business section of the S-1 document
  • Developed appropriate guidance metrics and policies
  • Reviewed financial projections prior to dissemination to ensure they were appropriate and attainable
  • Created the agenda and material for the sell-side analyst day
  • Prepared detailed Q&A document of potential analyst questions
  • Worked with investment banks on the road show deck to ensure the message was clear, concise and consistent
  • Assisted management in the smooth transition of a co-manager one month before the road show


The IPO was well received and many times oversubscribed.  Shares of the company traded up over 20% the first day of trading.  In addition to the five analysts that were involved in the IPO, the company has had three incremental analysts pick up coverage in the first year as a public company. Because of our strategic, long-term approach the company has broad support in the investment community and in discussions with several additional analysts to pick up coverage.

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