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IPO Advisory

A Roadmap for a Successful IPO

A private high-growth, healthcare IT company preparing for an IPO wanted guidance and advice throughout the IPO process. Even though the CEO had public company experience, the level of scrutiny has increased since he last engaged with the public market ten years ago. Beyond the CEO, the management team did not have experience as a public company senior manager.

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Guiding Management Through the IPO Process

The CEO of a private healthcare IT company with no prior public company experience engaged Westwicke to guide the management team through the IPO process in an effort to maximize the outcome and avoid common pitfalls.

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Don’t Know Which Path to Choose

A large, privately-held healthcare service company based in the Mid-West was interested in evaluating the capital market opportunities available to them. The company engaged Westwicke to act as their intermediary and raise their visibility with Wall Street. Westwicke created a lay of the land, assessed the pros and cons of each path, made introductions to select firms, facilitated the meetings and managed the relationships.

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Investor Relations Primer: The Basics of an Effective Plan

Learn about the essential elements in a comprehensive investor relations plan by downloading our latest eBook, Investor Relations Primer: The Basics of an Effective Plan.

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