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Preparing the Street for Clinical Data

A public specialty pharmaceutical company was preparing for the release of crucial Phase 3 clinical data. There were several nuances to the data, and it was crucial to the company’s capital markets and investor relations strategy that the data be appropriately understood by Wall Street.

ICR Westwicke’s Role

ICR Westwicke was engaged to assist the company in preparing Wall Street for the announcement and messaging the data.

  • Updated the company’s IR presentation to include important background information on the upcoming data and likely outcomes
  • Collected feedback for the investment community regarding expectations and knowledge regarding upcoming data announcement
  • Coordinated a non-deal road show ahead of study completion, that included sales teams from covering analyst institutions
  • Developed  a “mini” Analyst Day to further prepare investors and analysts for the data
  • Crafted the press release outlining the data results
  • Crafted a script for management to present the results during the conference call
  • Prepared detailed Q&A document of potential analyst questions
  • Coordinated a follow-up non-deal road show with investors after data release to further explain data results


Fortunately, the clinical data was positive.  Both sell-side analysts and investors were impressed with management’s efforts, further increasing management credibly.  The stock appreciated on the news, the company was able to raise additional capital, and development of the product continues.

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