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Introducing New Senior Management to the Street

A small-cap healthcare service company experienced senior management transition and the newly appointed CEO did not have any previous public company experience.

ICR Westwicke’s Role

ICR Westwicke was already engaged with this client prior to the transition and developed a strategy to quickly help the incoming CEO build a working knowledge of all aspects of Wall Street. We created a strategy plan to efficiently introduce the CEO to his top shareholders and analysts.

  • Presented our proprietary Wall Street 101 presentation to the new members of senior management
  • Set up an introductory call with existing analysts
  • Created a trip itinerary to meet with the top 10 investors in their offices
  • Incorporated the new CEO’s relevant experience into the following earnings script
  • Selected a high-profile institutional conference to make new CEO’s first appearance
  • Ensured the investor presentation reflected the new management’s take on the business and growth strategy


The new CEO has been well received by the Street. The CEO rolled out his new growth strategy over the past few quarters and investor interest has increased, evidenced by a meaningful uptick in 1×1 meeting requests at conferences. Over the past year the company has gained coverage from two incremental analysts and added several high quality, long-term Top 20 shareholders.

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