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How to Host a Successful Investor Day

How to Host a Successful Investor Day

Investor days should play a critical role in your investor relations strategy — but they have likely taken a back seat in recent weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As you begin to look for ways to move your investor relations efforts forward, you may consider planning an investor day event — for when business returns to normal or a virtual event.

To help your company host an effective and compelling event, we created the eBook, How to Host a Successful Investor Day. In it, you’ll find insights on:

  • Who to include on your investor day guest list
  • Investor day best practices
  • Alternatives to traditional investor days, including virtual events
  • Tips for content creation and delivery

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Conducting a perception audit is an important way to strengthen your company and your relationships with investors. Get insight into the process in our eBook, How to Conduct a Perception Audit: A Complete Guide.

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