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Guide to Selecting a Winning IPO Team

Guide to Selecting a Winning IPO TeamGoing public is a team effort. Well ahead of your IPO, you must identify potential banking and analyst partners to guide you through your IPO, follow-on investment, and other financing issues.

It’s critical to gather a team that has the right expertise, in both their area of work and your company’s type of products or services. You’ll be working with them closely, and for a long time; personality and cultural fit matter just as much as experience and knowledge.

To guide your company through the selection process, we created the eBook, Guide to Selecting a Winning IPO Team. In it, you’ll find insights on:

  • Considerations for selecting IPO bookrunners
  • What to listen for during a banker bake-off
  • How to evaluate institutional sales representatives
  • Ideas for creating new analyst coverage

To enjoy this complimentary eBook, just fill out the form and click download. A successful IPO begins with the right team, so download the eBook today.

Guidance is a key component of any investor relations program.

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