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A View of the Current Healthcare IPO Market

Part of our "Wall Street Revealed" Educational Series

Watch This In-Depth Webinar:

A View of the Current Healthcare IPO Market

This webinar, featuring three of the most well respected Wall Street executives will provide you with a view of the current healthcare IPO market. You’ll learn about:

  • The current state of the healthcare IPO market
  • Review of impact of the JOBS Act on the IPO process
  • Characteristics of the most successful deals
  • Valuation trends and how deals are getting priced
  • Which investors are participating in IPOs (and why)
  • What management teams need to do to prepare for the IPO journey
  • The pros/cons of “test the waters” meetings
  • Executing a successful “dual-track” process

In addition, you’ll gain access to the most recent full-year capital markets report.

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Featured Presenters

Grant Miller Grant Miller
Cowen and Company
Matthew Perry Matthew D. Perry
BVF Partners L.P.
Mark Klausner Mark Klausner

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