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Welcome to the Arena Episode 1: Nicole Miller Regan

ICR CEO Tom Ryan talks to Piper Sandler’s Nicole Miller Regan about hospitality stock picks and her time on the sell-side.

Episode 1: Nicole Miller Regan

There are no higher stakes than being a public or soon-to-be-public company. ICR co-founder and CEO, Tom Ryan, kicks off new podcast Welcome to the Arena with Piper Sandler’s Senior Research Analyst, Nicole Miller Regan.

Listen to the episode below.


    • Adaptions in the restaurant industry during the pandemic (3:10)
    • Structural changes made by businesses due to COVID-19 (6:05)
    • How companies can assist their analysts (9:06)
    • Stock price isn’t the top priority for the best CEO’s (12:28)
    • How Nicole considers ESG in her analysis (13:13)
    • Technology is only one part of the big picture (16:04)
    • Nicole’s thoughts on the direction of equity research (23:01)
    • The benefits of thinking long-term in today’s world (25:14)


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